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EWE Neue Welt

The EWE trio smartbox is a product from the field of smart metering, where you can check the energy consumption of your household in real time and thus ultimately make it easier to optimize energy costs. Wecandance was here Playmedia's partner for visual effects and postproduction.

In order to ensure a smooth post-production, we used an extensive pre-visualization and were actively involved in on-site filming and as a VFX supervisor.

The first version of our internal line animation tool was developed for the production of this spot. It was clear that we had to layout, animate, adapt and render a whole lot of lines in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, special attention was paid to user-friendliness and speed.

  • client:  EWE AG

  • category:  Webspecial

  • production:  wecandance GmbH

  • technical director:  Dennis Albus

  • animation:  Sebastian Metz, Matthias Schilder

  • fluids:  Christian Adolf

  • compositing:  Thomas Richter, Björn Simonsen

  • intern:  Timm Wagener