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Panasonic VIERA

The latest TVs from the Viera series from Panasonic are all about real colors, real black and real 3D. The ecology factor is, of course, not neglected. In order to bring these advantages to potential customers, Scholz & Volkmer designed an extensive web special.

We were responsible for almost all visual elements and produced high-quality 3D views of the TVs in the color play of many bright light-emitting elements.

  • client:  Scholz & Volkmer GmbH

  • category:  Webspecial

  • production:  wecandance GmbH

  • director:  Christopher Blum

  • technical director:  Dennis Albus

  • animation:  Björn Simonsen

  • lighting/shading:  Björn Simonsen

  • modeling:  Christian Adolf

  • dynamics:  Christian Adolf