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Panasonic ELUGA

Curtain up for the new, water-resistant smartphone with style: the ELUGA.

For the webspecial developed by Scholz & Volkmer, we produced photorealistic 3D animations of ELUGA and packaged it in water. Since the waterplashes should work in the last frame of the animations, we decided to model the Splashes by old-fashioned handwork. This gave us better control and flexibility to orient water to the given designs.

  • client:  Scholz & Volkmer GmbH

  • category:  Webspecial

  • production:  wecandance GmbH

  • director:  Christopher Blum

  • technical director:  Dennis Albus

  • animation:  Björn Simonsen

  • compositing:  Björn Simonsen

  • fluids:  Timm Wagener