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Automechanika 2014

From September 16 to 20, 2014, the international automotive industry met at Automechanika Frankfurt.

Together with the agency Schaller & Partner, we were able to give the trailer a new look. It was fun to implement the new look and the animation of the trailer in such a short time.

  • client:  Schaller & Partner GmbH

  • category:  Exhibition Trailer

  • production:  wecandance GmbH

  • director:  Benjamin Müller, Julia Kern

  • animation:  Sebastian Metz, Björn Simonsen, Alexandra Gruszczyk, Hannes Raff

  • lighting/shading:  Sebastian Metz, Hannes Raff

  • compositing:  Björn Simonsen

  • sound:  Andreas Kaufmann