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canyon evo ultimate

The Ultimate CF EVO is more than an ultimate racing bike. It's a statement! It is proof of Canyons curiosity and a commitment to rediscover the limits of road technology.

For us, the challenge was to create the 3D geometry. With the bicycles prototypes at the studio, we were able to reproduce all components in detail. Through the precise and clearly defined conception of Canyon it was a great pleasure to create the animation of the bicycles.

Webspecial: http://www.canyon.com/evo

  • client:  Canyon Bicycles GmbH

  • category:  Webspecial

  • production:  wecandance GmbH

  • director:  Lorenzo Nucaro

  • animation:  Sebastian Metz

  • lighting/shading:  Björn Simonsen

  • modeling:  Christian Adolf, Alexander Voelkle